A 1920s Knitted Hat

Deciphering a 1920s knitting pattern to make a cozy winter hat.


11/7/20222 min read

Fall 2022. 

Recently I purchased a knitting booklet from 1924 at a local Antique fair. I am always on the hunt for Canadian-produced sewing and knitting patterns, and this particular booklet fit the bill. 

Vintage Metal Knitting Needles, Size 8
One 120g Skein of Yarn [Urso Sport Weight in Sugar]
Tapestry Needle

Project Notes

  • The original pattern only offers one size, which made the first step of figuring out how many stitches to cast on a little more challenging. I decided to compare my yarn and needle size to other knitted hat patterns available online. In doing this, I was able to approximate how many more stitches I needed to add to size up the hat to fit more comfortably for the recipient. I sized up from 90 stitches to 130. 

  • Total of 13" in length, comprised of 6" of ribbing and 7" of stockinette stitch for the body. 

The hat turned out wonderfully cozy with gorgeous colour variation coming through from the yarn. However, it ended up too big, still wearable, but overall a little larger than what one might expect from a knitted hat. I knit the body slightly shorter to compensate for the size, and I should have probably only cast on the recommended 90 stitches. I believe my main issue came from the chosen yarn size rather than the needle size. Regardless, it is much loved by the recipient.

If you'd like to knit it for yourself or try any of the other patterns in the booklet, I have a PDF available on my webshop