Published Work and Features

KawarthaNOW Article Feature

March 2024

CBC Ontario Morning

March 13th, 2024

CBC Breakaway (Quebec)

March 12th, 2024

CBC Morning Radio Feature (Ottawa)

The CBC Morning Radio team reached out to interview me about The Backwoods Kitchen Project. I am so excited to have been able to share my work on CBC, and bring in some historical food samples for the team to try.

March 4th, 2024

Carleton University Newsroom Article

Alyssa Tremblay reached out to write a feature for the Carleton Newsroom about The Backwoods Kitchen and the innovative work coming out of the university History department.

February 2024

Cooking the Backwoods Way with Osgoode Township Museum

A Digital "Female Emigrant": Using a Canadian Classic for Thesis Research

Culinary Chronicles, New Series Issue 3, Fall 2023, Pg 32.

I was grateful to have been a contributor to the new series of the Culinary Chronicles, published and compiled by the Culinary Historians of Canada. Publication coming soon.

A Presentation of Elizabeth Simcoe

I had the opportunity to write for The Update, the newsletter publication for The York Pioneer and Historical Society based in Toronto. Having done a presentation at Scadding Cabin in 2022, I did a feature in their newsletter on how I researched and designed my Elizabeth Simcoe outfit.

The Update, York Pioneer and Historical Society, 2023, pg. 9

Museum Management and Curatorship Featurette

Features: The Fife and Drum

The Fife and Drum is the Quarterly newsletter for Fort York National Historic Site. Each issue is filled with research pieces, news about the neighbourhood and recipes. I have been featured in a few articles as both summer staff at the site as well as a reenactor at some special events.

Fife and Drum January 2022 (Volume 26, No. 1)
Page 17 and 21

Fife and Drum Autumn 2021 (Volume 25, No. 2)
Page 22

“The Uphill Race:” An Analysis on the Status of Competitive Female Cycling in Canada, 1960-2021

Ingenium, Canada's Museum of Science and Technology, 2021

The cycling craze of the 1890s significantly changed Canadian sport history and how women fit into that world. Once female bicycle riders became accepted and common, how did the world change along these gendered divides? Pending publication, check out this short blog post I wrote summing up my research experience with Ingenium.

Heresy and Knights Armour: Joan of Arc's Prosecution and her Choice to
Wear Men's Clothing

Bishop's University Historical Review, 2019-2021. Pg 17.

Jeanne la Pucelle, or Joan of Arc as we know her more colloquially, is a well known figure in Early Modern history. In this essay, I framed her prosecution by the English Inquision through her clothing choices, or perhaps lack of choice. With complicated and often oscillating biblical laws, her death was justified by the state on a technicality. If you're curious to know more, take a glance at the essay linked below.